Awards & Testimonials

‘Best Restaurant Manager’ regional awards 2019 RAI
'Host of the Year' 2019 Georgina Campbell
'Best Customer Service' RAI 2018
'Best Front of House Team' 2018 - Yeschef.
Georgina Campbell Irish Breakfast Awards 2017.
'Outstanding Guest Experience' - Georgina Campbell.
'Best Customer Service' -Food and Wine Magazine.
'Hideaway of the Year'- Georgina Campbell.
'Pet Friendly Hotel of the Year' - Georgina Campbell.

John Edward Joyce is one of the great contemporary masters of Irish hospitality. At every point of his work in the Mustard Seed, Mr. Joyce strikes just the right tone, from the first welcome when you arrive at this noble country house hotel, to the final goodbye as you depart down the winding driveway back out into the real world.

The result is, in effect, the creation of a dream world, a perfect country house that is the house of your dreams in every detail: sublime comfort; relaxed style; beautiful cooking; warm hospitality. The silver gleams, the potato cakes at breakfast time are as good as you have ever eaten, the drinks are just so. In fact, everything is just so in the Mustard Seed, but it’s charm comes from the fact that it is utterly unself-conscious: for Mr. Joyce and the crew, they are just a bunch of people delivering Irish hospitality at the height of their game. The result is a house that is an Irish treasure, and a balm for the soul.

Transcripts from McKenna’s Guides to Ireland 2019-04-11